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Mar 21, 2019 PDF Document Generating an Activation Key - General Documents, Technical Bulletins
How To Guide. Follow the step by step instructions.
Feb 27, 2019 PDF Document 6445TS TDR 150 IR Sensor Template Instructions - Product Manuals
TDR 150 IR Sensor Template Instructions
Feb 01, 2019 PDF Document 3999WD Solar Power Package Quick Start - Product Manuals
Mounting and connecting Solar Power Package to a WatchDog Weather Station
Feb 01, 2019 PDF Document Retriever & Pups Wireless Network - Product Manuals
The WatchDog Retriever & Pups Wireless Sensor Network is a technologically advanced solution that provides growers the ability to capture real-time, site-specific data in various microclimates. The Wireless Network consists of one Retriever and many Pups. There are three types of Pups: Sensor Pups, Station Pups, and Repeater Pups. Each Sensor Pup within the network is compatible with a diverse number of sensors and offers flexibility by allowing the grower to monitor the sensor inputs they care about in the locations they care about. Station Pups are compatible with existing WatchDog 2000 Series Weather & Mini Stations and offer the ability to plug in and transmit the full data set to the end receiver along with data from other Sensor Pups across the growing environment. Repeater Pups do not have sensor inputs. They can be used to provide additional paths to extend the network. All data acquired by the Pups is transmitted back to the Retriever—the central point that collects, logs, and transmits the data. The communication options are cellular modem, Wi-Fi, direct connection to PC, and USB flash drive. Communication options allow for automatic upload of the data to a computer or the web for further analysis. Growers can monitor their crops on their computer or smartphone and make real-time decisions that improve yield and quality, conserve resources, and increase profits.
Jan 29, 2019 PDF Document WatchDog Cellular Alert PRO - Product Manuals
3452 and 3453 Family of Devices This manual describes how to use your WatchDog Cellular Alert (Models: #3452, #3452H, #3452W, #3452P, #3453, #3453H, #3453W, and #3453P) and how to keep it working accurately for many years. This manual will describe how to use the PRO model which contains a cellular module. Features: • Control Panel with key pad for user control • LCD display • Relay terminal connections to control an external device • NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure • LED light with red and green indicators • Makes voice call or sends text message (or both) • Note: User is responsible for service plan — Pay As You Go voice/text recommended, see page 5
Nov 12, 2018 PDF Document 2000 All Series Weather Stations - Product Manuals
Thank you for purchasing a WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Station. The stations are completely weatherproof and feature 12-bit resolution for higher accuracy. The stations can be accessed at different times by multiple users because the data is not cleared from memory following a download. The 2000-Series weather stations can communicate via direct-wire, radio or telephone connections. Current weather conditions, historical data, and computed parameters are easily viewed on the station’s LCD screen. The station LCD can also be programmed to display a variety of plant disease infection potentials. The arrow keys can be used to pro-gram the station’s logging interval and assign sensors to the external sensor ports. You can also scroll through the sensor readings, Degree Day/Chill Hour calculations and set your temperature ranges.
Nov 09, 2018 PDF Document 2305GL LAQUA Twin Nitrate Meter Supplement - Technical Bulletins, SpecSheets
The supplement has the crop recommendations and instructions for doing soil tests!
Oct 18, 2018 PDF Document 368X WD 1000 Series Microstation Logger Manual - Product Manuals
PRODUCT MANUAL Models 1650, 1525, 1450, 1425, 1400, 1250, 1225, 1200, 1115 NOTE: All models of the 1000 Series stations have four external ports. For most models, one or more are not used. They are present on all models to simplify manufacturing and to retain the port plug securely (see below). This manual describes how to use your WatchDog Station and how to keep it working accurately for many years. Read this manual thoroughly in order to make effective use of your data logger. The WatchDog Micro Station series will allow you to record and visually monitor environmental conditions at remote sites. The WatchDog’s liquid crystal display (LCD) eliminates the need to download the data logger to observe current conditions. These stations give you the flexibility to change external sensors as your needs vary. Simply plug the sensor into the station port and configure the station to the corresponding sensor through the software.
Oct 01, 2018 PDF Document 6120 Soil Compaction Product Manual - Product Manuals
Soil compaction can occur in any type of soil. Years of traffic and tillage can cause soil particles to group together and fill in air spaces in the soil creating a “plow pan” below the tillage area. When this happens, a hard layer is formed making it difficult for moisture and roots to penetrate the soil.
Aug 09, 2018 PDF Document 6435_TDR_350_manual in Spanish - Product Manuals, Spanish Product Manuals
TDR 350 Manual en espanol
Aug 07, 2018 PDF Document FieldScout pH Meter Product Manual - Product Manuals
pH400, pH600 The FieldScout pH 400/600 meter allows you to perform accurate pH measurements. We advise you to read the ‘Quick Start’ guide before use and keep this guide for future reference. We also advise you to read this manual to learn about the meter’s many built in features. The FieldScout pH meters and probes are designed for pH measurements. Do not use the meters or probes for other applications as this may cause damage.
Jul 24, 2018 PDF Document 3660DP Powered Direct Connect 75 ft Cable - Europe - Product Manuals
75 ft. cable Europe
Jul 06, 2018 PDF Document DataScout Modem Product Manual Int-M -- Cell and WiFi - Product Manuals
SpecConnect Solution The SpecConnect solution is comprised of environmental sensors whose data is transmitted wirelessly by the DataScout modem to the web where it can be viewed anywhere in the world. Items 3922M, 3923M, 3920, and 3924M Int-M,
Jul 06, 2018 PDF Document DataScout Modem Product Manual - Dom, non M models - Product Manuals
SpecConnect Solution The SpecConnect solution is comprised of environmental sen-sors whose data is transmitted wirelessly by the DataScout modem to the web where it can be viewed anywhere in the world. Dom, non M models
Jul 03, 2018 PDF Document 6435_TDR_350_manual - Product Manuals
Thank you for purchasing the Field Scout TDR 350 soil moisture, electrical conductivity and soil surface temperature meter. This manual describes the meter's general features and operation. Soil moisture is a critical, and potentially highly variable, component of the soil environment. Time domain reflectometry is a proven technology for quickly and accurately determining volumetric water content (VWC) in soil. Electrical conductivity (EC) is a function of the moisture and salt in the soil. The meter also measures soil surface temperature. The user can quickly transition between taking VWC readings in standard and high-clay mode.
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