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Technical Support

Welcome to our Technical Support center, here you will be able to find your answers to your product questions.

Product Manuals, Technical and Service Bulletins

This is our Forms and Documents Library, here you will find our database of PDF files for our product manuals, technical and service bulletins.  All files are downloadable Acrobat PDF files (Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader). This library allows you to search for keywords or product names for your specific device. The manuals are the same that ship with our products, this is where you can find a replacement manual, or the electronic versions. Click here for our Forms and Documents Library!

Selection Advice

This is our newest tool to help with your decision on which product(s) would best serve your needs. The "buyers guide" format asks you a series of questions on what types of products or measurements you are needing, then, thru subsequent questions and answers, you will be directed to the products that will suit you best. If you are not taken to a direct product, you will be shown to a specific page that will outline the differences and comparisons of the narrowed down results. This is a great tool, we are hopefully it will help you select the perfect tools for you!  Click here for our Selection Advice!

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base shows more specific and technical version of our FAQ's section, it's a searchable database for common questions and shows you detailed instructions for issues.  Click here for our Knowledge Base!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some common questions and answers regarding products, services, and our website. Click here for our FAQ's!

Firmware Updates

Several products from Spectrum Technologies can now be updated to the latest features by downloading new firmware from our website and installing it on the device.  Updatable products include FieldScout TDR 350 and 150, WatchDog Retriever and Pups, and DataScout modems. Click here for our Firmware Updates!

Software Updates

Many common software problems are the result of not having the newest version of our software.  Here you will find a list of software and downloadable .EXE files of the newest updates to our Specware Software. You must have previously purchased the software in order to download the updates. Click here for our Software Updates!

Software Installation Packages

Many software packages from Spectrum Technologies can now be downloaded from our website.  Some products, such as SpecWare, require activation before they can be used. Click here for our Software Installation Packages!

Weather Station Recertification

All Spectrum’s products are designed to provide the highest level of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness our customers deserve. We make every effort to produce the most durable and long-lasting products available today. Over time, certain components are subject to wear and tear. Lightning, rain, snow, salt spray, and extreme temperatures all take their toll. Because of this, and because we know how important your purchase is to you, Spectrum now offers a recertification program for weather stations. Spectrum’s recertification program enables customers to send their hardware to our Aurora, Illinois facility where it undergoes a complete diagnostic check-up. Click here for more information!


A listing of related articles and research documents about topics such as Soil Moisture, Compaction, Nitrogen and Chlorophyll, etc. Click here for our Articles!

Product Videos

Our Product Video Library contains some technical, "how-to" videos for our products. It also contains some marketing/promotional videos.  Click here for our Product Videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some common questions and answers regarding products, services, and our website. Click here for our FAQ's!

Warranty and Returns

Order from Spectrum Technologies with total confidence. If you're not satisfied - for any reason - simply return the item(s) you ordered within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund or credit, excluding shipping and handling. An RMA (Return Material Authorization) number is required for processing. For more information on our Returns process, please see our Warranty and Returns page!

Phone Support

We are also available for phone technical support during regular business hours. Our office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm (Central time zone). You can reach us at 800-248-8873 or 815-436-4440.

Before calling our office, please:

  • Be at the computer with the software in question opened
  • Have the product item accessible
  • Know what firmware/software version(s) you own
  • Know what type of computer operating system you own
  • Verify you have administrative rights or an administrator password to download programs