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Firmware Updates

Some Spectrum Technologies devices can be updated by downloading the current firmware version using the links on this page.  Download directly to a USB flash drive or copy the downloaded file from your Downloads folder to a USB flash drive. The USB drive is then inserted into the device. Device-specific instructions are provided for each device below. 


FieldScout TDR150, TDR250, and TDR350 

Version History

Installation Instructions

TDR250 Firmware Download - 08/08/2022 Version 2.22

TDR350 and TDR150 Firmware Download - 08/08/2022 Version 2.22


Retriever and Pups

The firmware running on the Retriever and Pups can be updated by loading new version files on a USB flash drive and inserting it into the Retriever.

Click to view the Technical Bulletin for detailed instructions.

To locate the correct firmware module for your device please enter the device serial number below:

Last Updated: 10/27/2022

Click to view the Firmware Version History text file.




Below is a link to a ZIP file containing 4 files for updating the DataScout's firmware.  After downloading to your computer, please extract the 4 files from the ZIP file to the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive.  Disconnect the battery and solar panel, or AC/DC adapter, from the DataScout.  Insert the USB drive and wait 10 seconds.  Reattach the battery and solar panel or AC/DC adapter. The light will flash green until the firmware is completely loaded. Once it stops flashing, you can remove the USB flash drive.  Data uploads normally resume within 15 minutes but it may take up to an hour for new data to be displayed in SpecConnect.

Click to view the DataScout Firmware Version History text file.

DataScout Cellular and Wi-Fi Firmware Download – 11/7/2022 Version 03.37.70

(right click and "Save Link As..." to your computer)



WatchDog 3000 Series Weather Stations

Click to view the 3000 Firmware Version History text file.

WatchDog 3000 Firmware Download – 8/11/2023 Version 00.01.67

Download the file.
The ZIP file contains 8 files.  Extract these files to the root folder of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive.
Turn off the 3000 Station.
Insert the USB thumb drive.
Turn on the 3000 station.
The 3000 station's LED should light amber.  This indicates that the update has begun.
The update should take aproximately 10 seconds.  After the 3000 station's LED has been off for 5 seconds, remove the USB drive.

Bluetooth Update
Turn on the 3000 station if not already on.  Wait 30 seconds.
Insert the USB thumb drive if not already inserted.
Press and hold the 3000 station's button.  The LED should turn on green, then change to amber, then change to red and finally turn off after about 10 seconds.
Release the 3000 station's button.
The 3000 station's LED should begin to flash rapidly.
After a minute or two the LED will light solid green for 3 seconds, rapidly flash green for 1 second and then begin blinking once every second.  The update is complete and Bluetooth is turned on.