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Rain Stations Provide Crucial Microclimate Rainfall Measurements for Golf Course Management

Rain events can have a significant impact on irrigation scheduling and turf management. It rained last night. Where and how much did it rain? How will this alter the irrigation schedules on your golf course? Site-specific rainfall and temperature data is useful for tracking turf disease and insect pressure. Placing a WatchDog® Wireless Rain+Temp Station or a WatchDog® Rain Station in multiple microclimates can result in more effective decisions.


Site-Specific Management: What is it? How can it save costs and improve playability? And, why is it important?

Site-specific management, which is sometimes also referred to as precision turf management, refers to the use of tools that collect data to provide information about specific areas of the golf course, based on GPS inputs, to help superintendents better plan for the care of turfgrass and know when, where, how much and how often they need to apply product or irrigate.


Using an IPM Program to Manage Turf Pests

An Integrated Pest Management program, built on scientific data and best cultural practices, can provide turf managers with a manual in how to manage the pests, whether they come in the form of insects or disease. There are some pests that are more common problems for golf course managers.


Soil Moisture Meters Lead to Healthier Turf

The level of moisture in golf course greens or in a sports turf field is an important and highly variable component that can affect a course or playing field’s environment and quality. Modern measuring technology has enabled turf managers to better manage the health of their putting greens or turf playing fields.

May 24, 2017 08:51 PM

Spectrum Offers Solar Panel Option for WatchDog Pups

Spectrum Technologies, Inc., the leading manufacturer of plant measurement technology, has announced that it will now offer a solar panel package to power its line of WatchDog Pups.

Doc Green
Nov 07, 2014 09:00 AM

Measuring Soil Compaction

Are your crops showing signs of nutrient deficiency, but not improving following a sidedress application of fertilizer? There may be a hidden infliction below your field – soil compaction. Soil compaction has a long list of possible causes, and the effects on your crops are sometimes difficult to interpret. Excessive pressure on the surface of your field will compress the soil...

Doc Green
Oct 21, 2014 09:00 AM

Importance of Measurement in Agriculture

Agricultural plays a large role in our society; employing about one third of the world’s available work-force, globally. Cultivated land use has increased four-fold over the past two centuries but has remained fairly constant in the US for the past few decades. Efficient use of this land is essential to achieving key goals ...

Doc Green
Oct 02, 2014 11:00 AM

Wireless Mesh Networks

It seems that wireless networks are everywhere these days, whether cellular networks for phones, or Wi-Fi networks for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. For plants, wireless sensor networks are becoming more popular, and most sensor networks are mesh networks. But what is a mesh network?

Doc Green
Sep 15, 2014 01:00 PM

Integrated Web Solutions

We live in a connected society where data is everywhere. Access to mountains of real-time information as well as statistical data on just about anything can be easily found. Still, data in its raw form does little to help make life easier. When data is combined with other sources and presented in a simple and intuitive fashion, however, one can begin to see value....

Doc Green
Sep 02, 2014 03:00 PM

Light Measurement

As the driving force for photosynthesis, light is fundamentally important to plant production – whether for a field crop or for a greenhouse. Plant rooting, growth, and development are all significantly influenced by both the quantity and the quality of light. Sometimes a grower can control light levels, and sometimes a grower can only control the plant or crop spacing....

Results: 22 Article(s) Found.