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FieldScout TCM 500 NDVI Turf Color

With Our Turf Tools, the Grass is Always Greener

Learn how turf color can be a significant indicator of turf health, and learn the tools needed to assess turf color.


Westminster National Golf Course conserves water and saves money with the FieldScout® TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter!

Ryan Kraushofer, certified golf course superintendent at Westminster National Golf Course in Westminster, Maryland, discusses how Spectrum® Technologies FieldScout® TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter has helped improve irrigation methods at his course and improved playability on greens that were performing poorly.

IR Sensor for TDR350

Benefits of Infrared Temperature Sensors to Avoid Overheated Turf

Learn the factors that affect turf firmness on golf courses, and how to get a more firm and durable turf.

bill schmit
Bill Schmit

Sawgrass Country Club gets real-time weather conditions at their course thanks to the new WatchDog® 3250!

Bill Schmit, golf course maintenance superintendent at Sawgrass Country Club in Florida, shares with Spectrum® Technologies his experiences using our measurement technology at his golf course.


How to Treat Turf for Dollar Spot and Bluegrass Weevil

Learn how to protect your turf from common pests and problems like Dollar Spot and Bluegrass Weevil.


Factors That Affect Golf Course Turf Firmness

Learn the factors that affect turf firmness on golf courses, and how to get a more firm and durable turf.


All About the Green: How Research Investment by Government and Golf Industry Benefited Industry Sustainability

Learn how research investment made by the government and golf industry benefited and enabled greater sustainability for turf the management industry.

mark beitel

Flying Horse North Golf Club makes better irrigation decisions with the WatchDog® 3250 and SpecConnect™!

Mark Beitel Mark Beitel, golf course superintendent at Flying Horse North Golf Club in Colorado Springs, CO, discusses his experience using a variety of Spectrum® Technologies Watchdog® products and accessories at his golf course.


Does Your Turf Have a Fever?

Staying aware of canopy temperatures and root zone temperatures can help ensure healthy turf, especially when using data-driven equipment like infrared temperature sensors.


Degree Days: Why They Matter for Turf Managers

Degree days measure how warm or cold it has been in a certain spot over a 24-hour timeframe. For turf managers, this information can be critical for scheduling effective weed and pest chemical treatments; insects are most likely to be problematic for plants above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below 86 degrees Fahrenhei

Results: 37 Article(s) Found.