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Take advantage of discounts on lightly used and/or refurbished merchandise.

Products may show minor signs of use.  If you are not satisfied with the condition, simply request a return and we’ll replace (if available) or refund.

All items have been tested to ensure proper functionality.

You will enjoy the same Guaranteed Limited Warranty as a new product.

Refurbished items carry the same Risk-Free 30-day trial, access to technical support detail and service.

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Item Number Item Description Refurbished Price
R6510  Model HA - 19" Soil Probe $55.25
R6490B  FieldScout TruFirm Turf Firmness Meter W/ Blue Tooth Adapter $719.20
R6470CAL Calibrating Device for SMEC 300 - Older Version $30.60
R6470-6  SMEC 300 w/6ft cable Triple Sensor $194.65
R6460-20  WaterScout SM 100 Sensor 20 Ft $84.15
R6450WD  WatchDog Watermark Sensor $61.20
R6450  Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor $34.85
R6440FSM  Digital Reader for FieldScout TDR 100 $399.50
R6430CASE  Case For FieldScout TDR 300 $92.65
R6420   Tensiometer 12in $82.45
R6419  Tensiometer-6in $71.40
R6400  Soil Moisture Tester 9in $101.15
R6110FS  SC900 Soil Compaction Meter $1,571.65
R6101 Economy Soil Compaction $166.80
R6100  Soil Compaction $188.00
R3923  DataScout Model 130 Cellular Modem - HSPA Solar $845.75
R3921  DataScout GPRS Solar Modem $845.75
R3920S  DataScout WiFi Modem with Solar  $532.00
R3920  DataScout Model 140 Wifi Modem - AC/DC $476.85
R3911  Retriever w/ USB (2.4 GHz) $505.75
R3910TNC  Retriever for Toro Lynx (900Mhz), no cable $718.25
R3910  WatchDog Retriever $505.75
R3905 Sensor Pup (2.4 GHz)  $420.75
R3902  Repeater Pup (900 MHz) $335.75
R3901  Station Pup $378.25
R3688WD1  WatchDog 1650 Micro Station $389.30
R3686WD  WatchDog Mini Station Model 2475 $783.70
R3685WD  WatchDog 2400 Mini Station External Sensor $494.70
R3684WD  WatchDog 2450 Mini Station $628.15
R3683WD  WatchDog Model 2425 Mini Station $538.05
R3680WD1  WatchDog 1200 Micro Station $209.95
R3679WD  WatchDog Data Shuttle $168.00
R3672  Alarm Output Module $174.25
R3669  Soil Moisture Transducer $235.45
R3667-20  External (Soil) Temp Sensor - 20ft Cable $48.45
R3667  External (Soil) Temp Sensor - 6ft Cable $39.95
R3665R  Tipping Bucket Rain Collector $160.65
R3665I  1/100th Inch Rain Gauge $40.00
R3664  Extension Cable - 20ft Cable $22.10
R3663A  Radiation Shield $73.95
R3619WD  WatchDog B100 2K Temp Logger $51.85
R3617AZ WatchDog A125/A130 Logger Only $85.00
R3501  WT Model 305 Grnhse $436.00
R3452N  WatchDog Cellular Alert Pro-CDMA $934.15
R3393B  Mid-range Wireless Base Station $394.40
R3392W Short Range Wireless  $536.35
R3391B24  - Mid-Range Wireless BS 2.4 GHZ $420.75
R3388SP5  Solar Power-5 Watt $198.90
R3388MGU  GPRS Modem- USA $1,028.00
R3354WD  WatchDog Rain Collector $135.15
R3350WD2  WatchDog 2900ET Weather Station $1,656.65
R3349WS Sprayer Station LB150 NO LOGO $1,600.00
R3349SS  WatchDog Sprayer Station $1,356.00
R3349CN Console For Sprayer Station $494.70
R3141  Digital Temp Wind Meter $69.70
R2955L  Crop Tracker / Laser Sight $265.00
R2900PDL  SPAD 502DL Plus Chlorophyll Meter with Data Logger & RS-232 $2,359.60
R2860IR  IPM Scope - White & IR Illumination $690.20
R2860CAM IPM Scope CAM $476.00
R2860  IPM Scope Digital Camera $305.15
R2812  Digital Pocket Refractometer $339.15
R2806  Refractometer 0-32% with Auto Temp. Compensation $92.65
R2400GL  LAQUA twin K Potassium Meter $369.75
R2305GL  LAQUA twin NO3 Nitrate Meter $369.75
R2265FS  FieldScout EC Meter with 8" Probe $364.65
R2182A  Economy pH/EC Meter (Gray) $245.65
R2172 -Horiba D-54 pH/EC System $965.60
R2122  Spear-tip Probe $118.15
R2107  pH 400 Meter $619.65
R2105  FieldScout SoilStik pH Meter $139.40
R2103AL  LAQUA twin pH Meter $248.00