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Continuing Innovation in Measurement Technology...

AE50 Awards from American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers recognize outstanding technology innovation. Products winning the AE50 Awards represent the best and brightest products developed through out the world for the agricultural, food, and biological systems industries. The winning products are expected to save producers time, costs, and labor while improving user safety. Since 1998, Spectrum Technologies has been honored with 26 AE50 Awards.




AE50 blue circle logoo2024 WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor

Measure and record wind speed and direction using the free WatchDog Wind app and create logs to avoid drift complaints!


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2021 WatchDog 3000 Series Wireless Weather Station

Third generation of our wireless monitoring stations with SpecConnect compatibility!


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2018 FieldScout TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter

Innovation and quality winner - our most famous Soil Moisture Meter!


AE50 blue circle logoo2015 SpecConnect Web Portal

Access the data from your WatchDog and FieldScout products from anywhere! Manipulate the data as needed and run standard and customized reports to tell a story!


AE50 blue circle logoo2015 WatchDog Retriever and Pups Wireless Network

Collect site-specific data from multiple locations with sensor nodes in a wireless mesh network 


AE50 blue circle logoo2013 GreenIndex Nitrogen SmartPhone App

The power of your SmartPhone for Nitrogen Management!


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2013 WatchDog Cellular Alert Stations

Rest easy, knowing the WatchDog Cellular Alerts will call you from miles away! Portable Alert stations warn you of condition changes: Frost, Humidity, Power, and Flood Irrigation


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Track water, salts, and soil temperature: all with a single sensor!


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Affordable and versatile - The cost-effective choice for recording multiple enviromental conditions.

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Measure the light "falling" on your plants - An affordable first step in measuring light.


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Helps control pesticide drift by monitoring wind speed/direction, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure – all while on the move.


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2008 SpecMaps Web Mapping Utility Software

2007 WatchDog 2000 Series Mini Stations

2005 SpecWare 7 Pro

2004 WeatherTracker Greenhouse Growth Tracker

2004 FieldScout TCM 500 Turf Color Meter

2004 FieldScout Direct Soil EC Probe

2003 FieldScout SC900 Soil Compaction Meter

2003 WatchDog Weather Tracker

2002 FieldScout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Meter

2002 WatchDog Weather Stations

2001 FieldScout CM1000 Chlorophyll Meter

2000 WatchDog Data Loggers

1999 Investigator Soil Compaction Meter

1999 Star Logger Data Logger

1998 WatchDog Leaf Wetness/Temperature Logger