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Weather Station Recertification Program


1000 Series Micro & 2000 Series Weather Station Recertification Program

All Spectrum’s products are designed to provide the highest level of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness our customers deserve. We make every effort to produce the most durable and long-lasting products available today. Over time, certain components are subject to wear and tear. Lightning, rain, snow, salt spray, and extreme temperatures all take their toll. Because of this, and because we know how important your purchase is to you, Spectrum now offers a recertification program for weather stations. Spectrum’s recertification program enables customers to send their hardware to our Aurora, Illinois facility where it undergoes a complete diagnostic check-up.

Diagnostic Check-Up

Each check-up includes a visual inspection of the complete module and all wiring.  Additionally, we update the firmware to the latest version and check accuracy levels on the rain collector, anemometer, air temperature sensor, RH sensor, and the Solar Radiation sensor.  If any components of the weather station are found not to be within the published specifications, you will be notified for recommended replacement*.  After authorization for replacement is received, each component will be calibrated and tested.

*Note: The fee for the recertification does not include the cost for any recommended replacement parts or sensors

One-Year Warranty

After the station has been recertified, a one-year warranty will apply to all parts replaced during the recertification process. 

If you are interested in having your 1000 Series Micro & 2000 Series Weather Station recertified, please contact Spectrum Technologies, Inc. at 1-800-248-8873. The turnaround time for recertification of a weather station is estimated at 14 days from the time we receive it.


  • Item #3300C – Weather Station Recertification - 2000 Series - $295.00
  • Item #3600C – Weather Station Recertification - 2000 Series Mini - $190.00
  • Item #3680C – Weather Station Recertification – 1000 Series - $95.00
  • Replacement parts - Quoted as needed


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to send my weather station in for service. Who pays for shipping to/from?

Customers are responsible for shipping  the items to our Aurora, IL facility.  A shipping fee will also be included in the cost of returning the certified station. We will do everything possible to ship the items back economically.  On average, domestic shipments run around $37.50 per station. This, of course, varies based on the customer’s location and weight of actual product shipped.


Ok, I am ready to ship my station, what should I do to prepare my weather station?

Shipment Recommendations:

  1. Download all the data from the weather station & save locally
  2. Remove wind cups and wind vane
  3. Loosen the anemometer and move the arm down so it is just above the rain bucket
  4. Remove batteries
  5. Pack in box with bubble wrap
  6. Include Case number in box (see below)


Does Spectrum offer expedited service?

Yes, we offer expedited services (note, typical normal turn-around time is 15 business days) Expedited service is 5 business days, for $195. We are willing to waive the fee if we do not meet the 5 day promise.


What is the process to get my weather station recertified?

Call Spectrum Technologies at (815) 436-4440 and tell the sales representative you would like to have your weather station recertified. We will create a case number in our system and record all necessary details.  Next, the company will issue a returned merchandise authorization (RMA) document (via e-mail). Please print it out and include with shipment.