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Firmware and Software Updates and Installation Packages


Firmware Updates

Several products from Spectrum Technologies can now be updated to the latest features by downloading new firmware from our website and installing it on the device.  Updatable products include:

FieldScout TDR 350 and 150, WatchDog Retriever and Pups, DataScout modems and WatchDog 3000 Weather Stations.

Click this link to go to the Firmware Update page.


Software Installation Packages

Many software packages from Spectrum Technologies can now be downloaded from our website.  Some products, such as SpecWare, require activation before they can be used. Downloadable packages include:

FieldScout software, SpecWare Pro and Basic, WatchDog Configuration, Retriever and Pup Launch Utility, WatchDog to Toro Lynx Service, and SpecWare Mobile and ConsoleSync.

Click this link to go to the Installation Package page.


SpecWare and Related Software Updates

Below are the latest updates for Spectrum Technologies software. Click the link to go to the update information page for the software you are interested in.

Note that updates are not complete installations.  You must have a licensed copy of the software installed on your computer in order to run the update.

SpecWare Software

specware_patch_icon SpecWare 9 Pro and Basic Updates

specware_patch_icon SpecWare 8 Pro and Basic Updates


specware_patch_icon Spec 7 Pro and Spec Basic Updates


specware_patch_icon SpecWare Mobile and ConsoleSync Software



specware_patch_icon USB Software and Driver Updates
specware_patch_icon SpecLog Update