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Apr 03, 2018 PDF Document 2107, 2108 FieldScout pH400, pH600 pH Meter Manual - Product Manuals
2107, 2108 Manual The FieldScout pH 400/600 meter allows you to perform accurate pH measurements. We advise you to read the ‘Quick Start’ guide before use and keep this guide for future reference. We also advise you to read this manual to learn about the meter’s many built in features. The FieldScout pH meters and probes are designed for pH measurements. Do not use the meters or probes for other applications as this may cause damage.
Apr 03, 2018 PDF Document 2107, 2108 pH400, pH600 Meter Quick Start Guide - Technical Bulletins
View the full manual at Search by item number 2017 or 2108
Apr 02, 2018 PDF Document 6470 SMEC 300 Soil Moisture Sensor - Product Manuals
Item # 6470-6, 6470-20 Thank you for purchasing a WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Mois-ture Sensor. The moisture and nutrient status of your soil or container substrate are key pieces of information. They allow you to tailor your irrigation and fertilization program to suit your crop's needs. They also help identify if it is necessary to leach salts from the profile. The SMEC 300 combines afforda-bility and accuracy into a sensor that is easy to install.
Apr 02, 2018 PDF Document 3668i36 Par Sensor Bar - Product Manuals
Item 366i3, 336816 3 or 6 Sensor Quantum Light Bar Thank you for purchasing a PAR Light Sensor Bar to use with your WatchDog Weather Station or Data Logger, or your FieldScout Light Sensor Reader. The sensor averages the readings of all the sensors on the bar to measure the radiation between 400 and 700 nanometers, the most influential wavelengths for optimum plant growth.
Mar 12, 2018 PDF Document 6445 Field Scout TDR 150 - Product Manuals
Thank you for purchasing the Field ScoutTM TDR 150 soil moisture, electrical conductivity and soil surface temperature meter. This manual describes the meter's general features and operation. Soil moisture is a critical, and potentially highly varia-ble, component of the soil environment. Time domain reflectometry is a proven technology for quickly and accurately determining volumetric water content (VWC) in soil. Electrical conductivity (EC) is a func-tion of the moisture and salt in the soil. The meter also measures soil surface temperature. The user can quickly transition between taking VWC readings in standard and high-clay mode.
Mar 02, 2018 PDF Document 3999WD Solar Power Package - Product Manuals
Our Quick Start Guide will help you identify package contents and mount the solar panel bracket.
Feb 28, 2018 PDF Document 6440TDR100 - Product Manuals
Thank you for purchasing the Field ScoutTM TDR Soil Moisture Meter. This manual describes the features and operation of the meter. Soil moisture is a critical and, potentially highly variable component of the soil environment. Time-domain reflec-tometry is a proven technology for quickly and accurately determining volumetric water content (VWC) in soil.
Feb 27, 2018 DOCX Document Operations-Manufacturing Intern - Service Bulletins
Summer Intern
Feb 26, 2018 DOCX Document Spectrum's FieldScout® TDR 350 Must-have Tool for Potato Farmers - General Documents
Aurora, IL, January 31, 2018: Spectrum Technologies, Inc., brings soil measurement technology to potato farmers with the FieldScout® TDR350. Spectrum uses real-time measurement technology to replace the traditional guesswork and intuition-based decision making for smarter results and healthier field output.
Feb 26, 2018 DOCX Document New Infrared Sensor and Rod Spacer accessories available for the TDR Soil Moisture Meter product line - General Documents
Aurora, IL, January 30, 2018: Spectrum Technologies, Inc., the leading manufacturer of plant measurement technology, has announced the addition of two accessories for the FieldScout® TDR product line: Infrared Temperature Sensor and Rod Spacer.
Feb 26, 2018 DOCX Document Spectrum’s FieldScout® TDR 350 wins 2018 AE50 award - General Documents
Aurora, IL, January 25, 2018: The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named Spectrum's FieldScout® TDR 350 winner of a 2018 AE50 award. AE50 awards honor the year's most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries. The FieldScout® TDR 350 will be featured in the January/February 2018 special issue of ASABE's magazine Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World. For more details visit
Feb 22, 2018 PDF Document 3412 Red - Far Red Meter - Product Manuals
Thank you for purchasing a Field ScoutTM Red / Far Red Me-ter. This manual describes its features and operation.
Feb 20, 2018 PDF Document 3672 Alarm Output Module - Product Manuals
The Alarm Output Module (AOM) is a dry contact, control relay that operates as either a normally-open or normally-closed single pole switch. The output is rated at 1 amp AC or DC. It should be used with low voltage control signals due to its exposed terminal contacts.
Feb 19, 2018 PDF Document 3141 Digital Wind-Temperature Meter - Product Manuals
Getting Started Insert the included battery per the instructions on the facing page. If your LCD display looks blurred, remove the protective film.
Feb 08, 2018 PDF Document 2103ALP Laqua Twin pH Meter (Horiba) - Product Manuals
Manual from the manufacturer.
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