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2475 mini station
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  • 2475 mini station
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WatchDog 2475 Plant Growth Station

Measures PAR light intensity, Daily Light Integral (DLI), day/night average temperatures, degree days, vapor pressure deficit (VPD) and more!

SpecWare software required, please order separatel AE50 Award winner
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
WatchDog 2475 Plant Growth Station 3686WDS $1,095.00
The following items are required for the product to function properly. They are sold separately.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
SpecWare 10 Pro Software - Cable NOT Included (REPLACES SpecWare 9 - Item 3654P9) 3654PX $199.00
SpecWare 10 Basic Software - Cable Included (REPLACES SpecWare 9 - Item 3654B9) 3654BX $99.00
The following items are optional.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
External (Soil) Temp Sensor - 6ft Cable 3667 $65.00
External (Soil) Temp Sensor - 20ft Cable 3667-20 $88.00
Temperature (Micro) Sensor 3667S $114.00
Product Features

WatchDog 2000 Series Mini Stations


Monitor microclimates with four sensor channels of power

  • Same power, flexibility, and accuracy as the 2000 Series Weather Stations

  • Measure temperature, humidity, quantum light and more (varies by model)

  • Customize your mini station with 1-4 plug-in sensors to meet your needs

  • Accurate, real-time weather information directly from where you grow

  • Log your data in fail-safe, non-volatile memory

  • Choose measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes (holds 198 days of data with a 30 minute interval)

    • In standard mode (no SMEC300 sensors*): 9544 records, or 198+ days at 30-minute intervals.
    • In Virtual Port mode (using one or more SMEC300 sensors): 4278 records, or 89+ days at 30-minute intervals.
  • Reliable NEMA-4 type IP 66 enclosure and weatherproof connectors

  • Use the LCD display to check current and daily high/low readings without a PC.

  • Run disease models on the station, providing field viewing of disease severity indicators

  • Alarms: send a warning if a sensor exceeds high and low limits

  • 12-month battery power source (four AA alkaline batteries included)

  • Communicate via wireless, cellular, shuttle or direct connect (see Communication options)

  • Requires SpecWare Basic or Pro software (see Software page)

* The 2400 and 2425 can stay in standard mode with only one SMEC300 connected to Port A and no sensors in Ports B or C.  

Model 2475 Plant Growth Station

The WatchDog Model 2475 Plant Growth Station -  Includes sensors for quantum (PAR) light, air temperature, relative humidity, and 1 available external sensor port

  • Computes and displays Daily Light Integral (DLI), dew point, and degree days
  • Computes and displays DIF – Average day/night temperatures
  • Computes and displays VPD – Vapor Pressure Deficit




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