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WatchDog 1000/2000 Series Data Shuttle

Transport weather data from your 2000 Series Stations or 1000 Series Micro Stations to your host PC

Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
WatchDog 1000/2000 Series Data Shuttle 3679WD1 $379.00
Product Features

WatchDog 1000/2000 Series Data Shuttle

  • Transport your weather data and bring back to your host PC.  Use with Spec 9 software to offload to your desktop PC.
  • Holds data for multiple stations (up to 5 Full, 10 Mini, or 12 Micro Stations)
  • Fail-safe, nonvolatile EEPROM memory provides added dependability and convenience.
  • To be used with the 2000 Series Weather and Mini Stations, and the 1000 Series Micro Stations.
  • Includes soft-sided case (also available separately, Item 7500)

Software: Spec8 Pro or greater; Spec 9 Pro 9.02 Build 0223 or greater
for use with WatchDog 1000 Series Loggers.
Compatibility: The WatchDog 1000/2000 Data Shuttle performs the following functions:
• Offloads data from WatchDog 1000 and 2000 Loggers, Mini Stations,
and Weather Stations in the field.
• Checks battery status and alerts the user if the station/logger batteries
need to be replaced.
• If necessary, corrects the station/logger’s time-of-day clock.
• Communicates with SpecWare to transfer the offloaded data to the PC.

Capacity: Can hold the maximum amount of data from 5 WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations, 10 Mini Stations, or 12 Loggers. It can hold data from up to 25 units, provided they are only partially full.

Speed: Offloads the maximum amount of data from a WatchDog 2000

Series Weather Station in approximately 22 minutes (depending on the number of sensors in use). Partial offloads complete proportionately faster.

Battery: 1 user-replaceable 9V alkaline battery. Battery life is about 6 months at idle. The battery is consumed at a greater rate while reading and writing. A battery can process approximately 10 full shuttles. As a rule of thumb, if the Data Shuttle display reads “30% FULL”, then 3% of he projected battery life will have been consumed in transferring that data from the logger/station and to the PC.


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