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WatchDog Frost Cellular Alert

WatchDog Cellular Frost Alert is placed as-needed, where-needed, to monitor temperature. When the temperature limit is reached, a cellular phone call is made to alert the grower. Read More

Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
Frost Cellular Alert Pro - GSM 3G HSPA+ 3453 $1,129.00
Frost Cellular Alert Pro - CDMA 3452 $1,179.00
The following items are optional.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
External (Soil) Temp Sensor - 20ft Cable 3667-20 $59.00
Extension Cable - 20ft Cable 3664 $29.00
Product Features


Rest easy, knowing the WatchDog Cellular Frost Alert will call you...

... in case of frost!

       ... if your heater fails!

                    ... from miles away!

  • LCD display (current temperature, signal strength, etc.)
  • Key pad for user set up: temperature threshold, system test operation
  • Relay terminal connections to control an external device
  • 6 ft external temperature sensor
  • NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure

WatchDog Cellular Frost Alert Pro - Items 3451, 3452, and 3453

  • GSM cellular module included (user provides SIM card and service plan — Pay-As-You-Go recommended)
  • Makes voice call or sends text message (or both)
  • Requires 6-volt lantern battery (not included)
  • Set a second limit to send texts periodically with current conditions
  • CDMA model for Verizon (service plan required)

NOTE: Item 3451 has a 2G cellular radio within.  AT&T will discontinue all 2G service in January 2017, and has already discontinued it in some areas of the USA.  Purchase item 3453 instead for the USA, Canada, and other countries that are discontinuing 2G service.

WatchDog Cellular Frost Alert - Item 3450

  • Requires user-provided basic cell phone (flip phone or flat phone; not a touch-screen Smart Phone)
  • Presses the phone buttons to make a voice call
  • Uses 4-AA batteries (not included) to power the electronic controls and display (but not your cell phone)

For more information, you can view our PDF brochure of the WatchDog Cellular Frost Alert here.

For Cellular Alert Pro customers in Canada, check with your GSM network provider to ensure that 2G coverage is available in the deployment location.


Temperature range: -22 to 130ºF (-30 to 55ºC)
Accuracy: ±1.1ºF (±0.6°C) at -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C), else ±2.2°F (±1.2°C)

Relay Specifications:

Internal relay 250 V, 1 Amp AC or DC

Maximum switching power 60 W or 60 VA


Manuals / Literature

Find all of our Product Manuals and literature in our Document Library




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