To Measure Is To Know

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SpecConnect Wireless Agronomic Solution

Your Crops. Your Data. Better Decisions.

Monitor your fields from wherever you are with Spectrum’s new
WatchDog Retriever & Pups Wireless Network & SpecConnect Web Portal



How It Works


WatchDog Pups

   -  Capture real-time, site-specific data with custom stations
   -  Each Sensor Pup can be configured with up to 4 different sensors
   -  All data is sent wirelessly to the Retriever
   -  Maintain data integrity through “self-healing” mesh network


WatchDog Retriever

   -  Receives all data from Pup network
   -  One Retriever can support up to 12 Pups per network


DataScout Modem

   -  Connects to the Retriever and communicates data to the web
   -  Choose from a variety of cellular and Wi-Fi models
   -  Solar powered option, never worry about battery drain


SpecConnect Web Portal Cloud Solution

   -  Real-time data on your computer, smart phone, or tablet
   -  Simple to use and 100% customizable dashboard
   -  Send custom threshold alerts via text message and/or email
   -  Configure your network from your computer or mobile device


Six Steps to Building Your Network



STEP 1 - Choose your Pups

Things to Consider...  

  •  How many Pups do you need?
  •  Are you connecting to other WatchDog Weather Stations?
  •  Do you have obstacles (buildings, trees, high or low spots, etc.) that might inhibit data transmission?

WatchDog Pups

  • Each Pup can be configured with up to 4 different types of sensors
  • All data is sent wirelessly between each Pup and all collects at the Retriever
  • Can also be connected to WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations
  • Maintain data integrity through "self-healing" wireless mesh network




STEP 2 - Choose Sensors for your Pups

Things to Consider...  

  •  What parameters do you need to measure?
  • What influences your crop most?

WatchDog Sensors

  • Up to 4 sensors per Sensor Pup
  • Available sensors for Soil Moisture, Temperature and Humidity, Rainfall, Wind Speed/Direction, Leaf Wetness, Soil Temperature, Light, and more




STEP 3 - Choose your Retriever

Things to Consider...  

  •  Do you want battery powered or solar  powered?

WatchDog Retriever

  • Receives all data from Pup network, supports up to 16 Pups per network
  • Available as battery powered or solar powered
  • Includes USB Flash Drive and USB data cable for computer connection and setup




STEP 4 - Choose additional accessories

  • Tripod mounts with stakes
  • Sensor extention cables
  • Antenea extention cables
  • PC Direct Connection cables
  • AC/DC power cord for Retrievers




STEP 5 - Choose your Modem to Send your Data Online

Things to Consider...  

  • Do you need Wi-Fi or cellular?
  • Which cellular network do you need?

DataScout Modems

  • Communicates data to the web
  • Cellular or Wi-Fi models
  • Solar powered option




STEP 6 - View your Data on our SpecConnect Web Portal

Things to Consider...  

  • Pro or Basic subscription?
  • How many devices make up your network?

SpecConnect Web Portal

  • Real-time data viewable on your electronic device
  • Easy & simple to navigate
  • 100% customizable dashboard
  • Send custom threshold alerts via text message or email
  • Configure your network from your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • API option gives you the ability to download your data for offline analysis
  • Optional plant disease and insect models



Examples of SpecConnect In-field Networks

With four external sensor ports, each network Pup is compatible with a diverse number of sensors and offers flexibility by allowing the grower to monitor the sensor inputs they care about in the locations they care about.  All data acquired by the Pups is communicated back to the Retriever, which collects the data and sends the information wirelessly via cellular or Wi-Fi modem to the new SpecConnect web portal for easy access and analysis.


Irrigation Solutions
Flexibly monitor both soil moisture and EC in a variety of soil textures for better irrigation decisions. Connect  WatchDog Weather Stations to the network using a Station Pup.



Vineyards & Orchards
Easily spot frost conditions in your crops, monitor and note site-specific conditions for insect and disease pressures, and monitor soil moisture remotely.



Greenhouses & Nurseries
Measure DLI (light duration and intensity) for consistently better plant quality across greenhouse and high-tunnel structures. For outdoor growing, monitor soil moisture, temperature, and EC for more efficient irrigation practices.



Golf Courses
Track temperature and moisture for decisions regarding disease and insect pressure across your entire course.  Connect existing WatchDog Weather Stations to monitor evapotranspiration for more efficient irrigation scheduling.