To Measure Is To Know

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About Us


In 2012, Spectrum celebrated its 25th year in business.  We want to thank the many researchers and customers who have contributed to our success.   Our goal is to be the partner you can count on for affordable Plant Measurement Technology.


Company Overview

Spectrum Technologies manufactures and distributes affordable, leading-edge measurement information technology to the agricultural market throughout the world. Founded in 1987 by Mike Thurow, Spectrum Technologies is headquartered in Aurora, IL.

Our Mission

Turning plant Measurements into Information for profitable Decisions.  Our vision is to develop and market the most advanced plant measurement technology.  Our goal is to be a valued partner of our customers’ research or production team.

The Technology

The company's technology is focused on four (4) primary product groups. They include:

Weather & Environmental Monitoring

  • WatchDog Weather Stations
  • WatchDog Data Loggers
  • SpecWare Software

Nutrient Management Tools

  • SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter
  • FieldScout CM-1000 Chlorophyll Meter
  • LAQUA Meters for pH, EC, NO3-, K and Na

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Tools

  • Fifteen Plant Disease Forecast Models (SpecWare software)
  • Insect Modeling Software (SpecWare software)
  • Degree-Day Recorders (WatchDog) and Software (SpecWare)
  • IPM Scope

Soil Moisture & Quality Measurement

  • FieldScout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Probe
  • FieldScout SC 900 Soil Compaction Meter
  • WaterScout SM 100 Soil Moisture Sensors
  • WatchDog Soil Moisture Data Loggers


Customer Base

Spectrum has over 15,000 customers in over 60 countries. Some of Spectrum's customers include Pioneer Hi-Bred, Monsanto, Syngenta, USDA-ARS, Dow AgroSciences, Chiquita Brands, Dole, and all major universities. Growers, Ag consultants, and golf course superintendents are users of the company's products.

Industry Future

With consumers demanding higher quality food and environmental conditions, the need for measurement and monitoring technology will continue to grow. In addition, the need to conserve resources such as soil and water will drive the need to more measurement information technology.

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Our products, like the products from many electronics companies, contain various metals that are purchased from third-party vendors and originate from countries worldwide. Certain metals, including tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, have been labeled “Conflict Minerals” because they may be sourced... (read more in attached PDF)