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WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station

The WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station measures temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and wind speed & direction. Know your field's weather conditions - not the nearest airport's.

AE50 Award winner New Item Bluetooth Enabled
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station - LTE-M Modem 3240MU $1,995.00
WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station - Wi-Fi Modem (2.4GHz; 802.11b/g/n) 3240WF $1,895.00
WatchDog 3240 Wireless Station Pup - 900Mhz 3240DU $1,895.00
WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station - LTE-M Modem (International) 3240ME $1,995.00
WatchDog 3240 Weather Station Data Recorder - No Modem 3240DR $1,695.00
WatchDog 3240 Wireless Station - LTE CAT-4 Modem 3240C4 $2,145.00
The following items are required for the product to function properly. They are sold separately.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
SpecConnect Pro (1 Year) Subscription - Cellular US/Canada 3010US $295.00
SpecConnect - Initial Set Up Fee 3000 $49.00
The following items are optional.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
Tripod Mount with Stakes 3396TPS $129.00
WaterScout SMEC 300 Sensor - 20ft 6470-20 $249.00
WaterScout SMEC 300 Sensor - 6ft 6470-6 $239.00
WaterScout SM 100 Sensor 20 Ft 6460-20 $115.00
WaterScout SM 100 Sensor 6 Ft 6460 $99.00
LightScout Silicon Pyranometer 3670I $289.00
LightScout Quantum PAR Light Sensor 3668S $289.00
LightScout UV Light Sensor 3676I $329.00
SpecConnect - Alerts Function (1 Year) 3070 $99.00
Leaf Wetness Sensor 3666 $149.00
Product Features

WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station

Use field-specific weather data for timing fungicide applications, nutrient management and field activities

The fully integrated WatchDog 3240 Wireless Weather Station measures temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed/direction. It records and communicates the data to the cloud using its internal modem or radio

  • Integrated Solar Power system for reliable power

  • Integrated Modem/Radio for reliable communications: available with a choice of cellular modems or other radios

  • Integrated Data Logger protects your data, holds over 18 months of data at a 15-minute recording interval and data can be transferred to a USB flash drive

  • Easy to install - start measuring in minutes! Mounts to a 1.25 inch mast, u-bolts included

  • Bluetooth connectivity to your Apple or Android smartphone running the free WatchDog Mobile App speeds setup and displays current conditions - data at your fingertips to better plan your day!

  • Sends data to the SpecConnect Cloud Solution - View current conditions or historical data using a broad selection of analytical reports from anywhere in the world

  • Receive alerts via automated phone call, text message, and/or email immediately when temperature crosses your selected threshold - no waiting for the next scheduled upload

  • Customizable with plug-in sensors to meet your needs

  • Receive the latest changes with over-the-air updates (also available via a USB flash drive)

  • The durable enclosure provides moisture, corrosion, and UV protection for increased reliability in harsh environments

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to provide quality data you can rely on


Communication Options

  • Cellular
    • LTE-M - US/Canada/Mexico

    • LTE-CAT4 - North America

  • WiFi

  • 900MHz Radio

  • Data Logger (No Modem)


3000 Series Weather Stations

  • External Communication: Cellular, USB, Bluetooth, RS232
  • External Sensor Ports: 1 x 2.5mm stereo jack (0 to 3.0VDC analog input)
  • Data capacity: 30,000 data intervals can be stored on the unit before the oldest record is overwritten by the newest data (312 days at 15 minute intervals).
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 12 x 19.5 x 11.25 in (30.5 x 49.5 x 28.6 cm).  (Without 7.25 in (18.4 cm) antenna)
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Power Source: 3.5W solar panel, Rechargeable 6V/4.5AH SLA battery, optional AC/DC power adapter.
  • Battery Life: 14 days minimum with no solar power.
  • LED: 3-color (Red, Amber, Green)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22° to 130°F (-30° to 55°C)
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