Retriever & Pups

SpecConnect Wireless Agronomic Solution

WatchDog Retriever & Pups Network and SpecConnect Web Portal


Your Crops. Your Data. Better Decisions.

Monitor your fields from wherever you are with Spectrum’s WatchDog Retriever & Pups Wireless Network & SpecConnect Web Portal


Start by asking yourself these 2 questions:

What conditions do I need to measure? How many locations do I want to measure in?

Then, start customizing your solution!

  • Determine the number of Pups you want along with what sensors
  • Then, choose a Retriever model - Solar Powered or Non-Solar Powered
  • Next, choose how your want your data sent to the web - Cellular connection or via Wi-Fi
  • Finally, choose which SpecConnect option works best for you - Basic or Pro versions available

WatchDog Pups

WatchDog Pups
$495.00 - $545.00

WatchDog Pups are key components of the Retriever & Pups wireless sensor network, offering growers and researchers a broad solution for site-specific crop monitoring with diverse sensor compatibility. Read More

WatchDog Retrievers

WatchDog Retrievers

The WatchDog Retriever wirelessly collects sensor data from in-field Pups, which can be custom configured with multiple sensors: weather, soil moisture, or both, to meet site-specific requirements.  Read More

DataScout Cellular Modems plus WiFi Modems

DataScout Cellular Modems plus WiFi Modems
$645.00 - $995.00

Our new modems connects to the WatchDog Retriever or WatchDog Weather Stations and communicates all data to the web. Choose from a variety of cellular and Wi-Fi models Read More

WatchDog Pre-Packaged Pup Stations

WatchDog Pre-Packaged Pup Stations
$1,175.00 - $1,950.00

Pre-packaged Pup Station include a custom mounting bracket and sensors. 4 models to choose from: ET Pup Station, Pup Weather Station, Plant Growth Pup Station, and Plant Disease Pup Station Read More

WatchDog Sensor Pup Irrigation Stations

WatchDog Sensor Pup Irrigation Stations
$669.00 - $869.00

WatchDog Sensor Pup WaterScout Irrigation Stations. 3 models to choose from, these pre-configured stations measure soil moisture with up 4 WaterScout sensors.  Read More


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