Cellular Alert Stations

WatchDog Cellular Alert Stations

Rest easy, knowing the WatchDog Cellular Alerts will call you...from miles away!

Four models to choose from, each with a Pro and Basic version.

Frost Cellular Alert - Ideal for temperature-sensitive fruits and vegetables, be alerted when
frost conditions are near!

Hay Cellular Alert - Be alerted when humidity conditions are ideal for baling!

Flood Irrigation Cellular Alert - Know when surface irrigation water reaches a pre-determined point!

Power Cellular Alert - Be alerted when electrical failures occur!

WatchDog Frost Cellular Alert

WatchDog Frost Cellular Alert

WatchDog Cellular Frost Alert is placed as-needed, where-needed, to monitor temperature. When the temperature limit is reached, a cellular phone call is made to alert the grower. Read More


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