WatchDog Lynx Interface


WatchDog Lynx Interface

Install the WatchDog Lynx Interface onto a Toro Lynx system to enable the WatchDog 2910ET Weather Station.

Current Update: Version - Updated 4/17/2018

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WatchDog Lynx Interface Download

2.4 MB (right click and "Save As")

After downloading to the Toro Lynx machine, run WatchDog2LynxSetup.exe and follow the instructions to install.


Follow the instructions on the links below to update your USB driver software on your computer.

Item #3661U9 USB-to-9-Pin-Serial Adapter (white and blue cable) Drivers:

Installation guides for specific Windows versions are available at the following link.



3661USB USB-to-9-Pin-Serial Adapter (clear cable) Download

2.0 MB (right click and "Save As")

After downloading to the Toro Lynx machine, unZip "" and run "PL-2303 Vista Driver Installer.exe".


Other Files:

specware_patch_iconWatchDog Configuration Install - November 9, 2015

This utility allows configuration and support activities for WatchDog 2000 Stations.
4.8 MB (right click and "Save As")

After Downloading to your local machine, run WatchDogConfigSetup.exe and follow the instructions to install.


SpecWare 9 Pro (Optional)

SpecWare 9 Pro supports the WatchDog 2910ET Weather Station beginning with version 9.6.  Updates can only be installed on a licensed and installed copy of SpecWare 9 Pro. 

Click to purchase SpecWare 9 Pro.


Click to update to the latest version of SpecWare 9 Pro.



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