Spectrum's Top Turf Products

Golf course superintendents already have enough work on their plate.  From well before sunrise to well after sunset, your time is a precious commodity.  Spectrum Technologies offers measurement tools to help you be more efficient with your time and your budgets by monitoring the specific conditions that you care about.  As water conservation and environmental regulations have become more stringent, proactive and frequent measurements allow for less waste of expensive irrigation and fertilization resources.  In addition, greater turf quality and consistency can easily be achieved by monitoring turf inputs on a regular basis.

Measureable data leads to smarter decisions:

  • Soil Moisture Meters – Improve irrigation timing and placement, and save money with less waste
  • Turf Firmness Meter – Maintain consistent playing conditions across your course
  • Turf Health – Properly time fertilizer and pesticide applications, and monitor pH and EC levels for better turf quality
  • Weather Data – Stay on top of your course's weather conditions by using your own data, not the weatherman's

Below is a quick list of Spectrum's Top 12 Turf Products, ideal for acquiring relevant data that drives real-time decisions.

Infrared Temperature Sensor for TDR 150

Infrared Temperature Sensor for TDR 150

Spectrum Innovates next generation turf tools with our new Infrared Temperature Sensor for the TDR 150. Also available on the TDR 350. Read More


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