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Fieldscout TDR Rod Spacer
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FieldScout TDR Rod Spacer

For TDR 350, 250 and 150

Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
FieldScout TDR Rod Spacer 6435SP $59.00
The following items are required for the product to function properly. They are sold separately.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
*FieldScout TDR 350 Soil Moisture Meter (Case Included) 6435 $1,495.00
*FieldScout TDR 150 Soil Moisture Meter (Case Included, Rods Sold Separately) 6445 $1,095.00
*FieldScout TDR 250 Soil Moisture Meter (Rods & Case Sold Separately) 6250 $1,195.00
The following items are optional.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
*Infrared Temperature Sensor for TDR 150 6445TS $179.00
*Infrared Temperature Sensor for TDR 350 6435TS $179.00
Product Features

Note: Moisture Type must be set for "TDR 300"

The TDR Spacer is used to measure depths of 0.5" (1.3cm) and 1" (2.5cm) with a TDR Soil Moisture Meter equipped with 1.5" (3.8cm) turf rods. The spacer is not compatible with other rod sizes. The block has a small (one-inch orientation) and large (half-inch orientation) cavity. Push the spacer onto the sensor block such that the desired length of rod is exposed. Tighten the screws on each side to prevent it from slipping off during use. The screws must always be installed in the upper holes of the spacer. TDR150, TDR 250, and TDR350 Meters The 0.5" and 1" options are automatically available for these meters. In the Settings Menu, select Rod Length option SPCR 0.5" or SPCR 1.0".  The spacer block feature is enabled on the TDR100 and 300 meters by entering an activation code provided by Spectrum Technologies. The meters must be running firmware version 7.0 or greater. Implementing the activation code will allow the meter to work with the two shorter rod lengths created by the spacer block. The activation procedure is outlined in a separate document. Items 6430SP and 6430SPU both include the spacer block and 1 activation code. Item 6430SPU also includes a microprocessor chip to up-date the firmware. On the Rod Length selection screen, choose ROD=T-BLK(0.5in) or ROD=T-BLK(1.0in). If you are using FieldScout software to download a TDR300 meter, you must be running version 5.02 to save data collect-ed when the spacer block was attached.

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