Spectrum Software Installation Downloads

Welcome to the Software Installation center. Below you will find complete installation files for Spectrum Technologies software. Download the file below, and run it on your computer (in most cases, it will be in your 'Downloads' folder). Windows XP or later is required for all Spectrum software.  If you have a Mac, you must use Bootcamp, VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, or VirtualBox to host a Windows machine.

FieldScout and SpecWare software require an activation key in order to use some or all of the product features. After purchasing the product, you can get your activation key at www.SpecConnect.net/activate.

Note: Windows only "recognizes" software with millions of installations.  If you receive an "unrecognized app" message when installing our software, please click "More info" and then "Run anyway".  Thank you.

FieldScout Software

FieldScout software does not require an activation key, except for use with the CM 1000 Chlorophyll Meter.

FieldScout_Icon_32  FieldScout Software Installer


SpecWare Software

SpecWare software requires an activation key in order to function.

SpecWare9_256_icon  SpecWare 9 Pro English-Only Installer

SpecWare9_256_icon  SpecWare 9 Pro International Version Installer

SpecWare9_256_icon  SpecWare 9 Basic English-Only Installer

SpecWare9_256_icon  SpecWare 9 Basic International Installer

If you are using WatchDog A-Series or B-Series (button) Loggers, you must also download and install drivers.

usb_connector-32  WatchDog A-Series and B-Series Driver Installer


WatchDog Configuration Utility

RPLU_transparent  WatchDog Configuration Installer


Retriever and Pups Launch Utility

RPLU_Icon  Retriever and Pups Launch Utility Installer


WatchDog to Lynx Service

The WatchDog to Lynx service will only function on a Toro Lynx computer.

RPLU_transparent  WatchDog to Lynx Service Installer


SpecWare Mobile and ConsoleSync Software

SprayerConsole_icon  SpecWare Mobile and ConsoleSync Installers


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