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Introducing Spectrum’s WaterScout™ Soil Moisture Sensor


PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

Plainfield, IL – Spectrum Technologies, Inc., is proud to introduce their new WaterScout™ Soil Moisture Sensor.

The new Spectrum WaterScout Soil Moisture Sensor measures soil moisture with little or no disturbance to the root zone. The thin, tapered shape allows for easy insertion into the soil or growing medium. Use the available hand-held reader to take fast and accurate spot readings. Or, bury the sensor and track soil moisture changes over time with a WatchDog data-logging weather station.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. manufactures and supplies affordable weather and field measurement technologies that help growers make better decisions on crop inputs. To receive a free catalog complete with hundreds of climate, soil, and plant health monitoring devices, contact Spectrum Technologies, Inc., 12360 S Industrial Dr. East, Plainfield, IL 60585, toll free (800) 248-8873, (815) 436-4440, fax (815) 436-4460, or at

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