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SPAD 502 Plus – Manage Nitrogen Effectively


PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

Aurora, IL – Reduce your risk of yield-limiting deficiencies or costly over-fertilizing. The SPAD 502 Plus quantifies subtle changes or trends in plant health long before it is visible to the human eye. The SPAD 502 Plus instantly measures the chlorophyll content or “greenness” of your plant. Nitrogen (N) is a key element in chlorophyll production; hence, chlorophyll can be used as an index to gauge the nitrogen status of a plant.

Non-invasive measurements are completed by simply clamping the meter over leafy tissue. An indexed chlorophyll content reading is displayed in less than 2 seconds. Assess nitrogen needs by comparing your in-field SPAD readings to university guidelines. The SPAD 502 Plus can be purchased with or without a built-in data logger and measurements can also be geo-referenced. Research has proved a strong correlation between SPAD measurement and leaf N content.

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