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Rest Easy During Frost Threats

January 2012 - PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

Plainfield, IL –Spectrum Technologies, Inc., invites growers to “Rest easy, knowing the WatchDog Cellular Alert will call you if the temperature drops.”

The new lunchbox-size WatchDog Cellular Alert is placed as-needed, where-needed, to monitor temperature.  The temperature limit can be configured for impending frost, bud kill, heater failure, or other concerns.  When the limit is reached, a cellular phone call is made to alert the grower. 

Two models are offered: the standard Cellular Alert dials a customer-provided basic cell phone, while the Cellular Alert Pro includes a GSM cellular module to place calls and/or text messages. For both, a pay-as-you-go phone or SIM card is recommended.

Spectrum manufactures and supplies affordable weather and nutrient measurement technology that help growers make better decisions on crop inputs. To receive a free catalog complete with hundreds of climate, soil, and plant health monitoring devices, contact Spectrum Technologies, Inc., 12360 S Industrial Dr E, Plainfield, IL 60585, toll free (800) 248-8873, (815) 436-4440, fax (815) 436-4460, or at

Contact: Scott Lemke
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