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FieldScout GreenIndex+ App Available for Turf Applications

September 2013 - PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. recently launched a new version of the award-winning FieldScout GreenIndex+ app for turfgrass applications.  The GreenIndex+ Turf app utilizes the latest advancements in technology to allow users to measure the relative greenness of turf using their smartphone camera.

The GreenIndex+ Turf app quickly and conveniently captures images of turfgrass from a smartphone, calculates the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index), and displays a visual rating.  Users can customize the visual rating calculation for different species of grass and specific plots of land.  Measurements can be compared to identify variability or trends in turf health across golf course greens and fairways, as well as other sports fields, providing valuable data for decisions regarding fertilization and irrigation.  Additional applications include lawn care and commercial turf for better nutrient management.  All data is logged and geo-referenced, and can be emailed to a personal computer for further analysis.

“The eyes are very subjective tools that can be unreliable.  Being able to affordably obtain objective data with the GreenIndex+ Turf app allows golf course superintendents and turf management specialists to make critical decisions in real time without high up-front costs,” commented Gerry Remus, VP of Sales and Marketing at Spectrum.

Earlier this year, the GreenIndex+ app received the coveted AE50 Gold Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), an award that recognizes leadership in technological innovation throughout the world for the agricultural, food, and biological systems industries.

For more information regarding the GreenIndex+ Turf app, contact Spectrum Technologies at (800) 248-8873.

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