Top 12 greenhouse products

Greenhouse, nursery, and hydroponic growers have a long and never-ending job list.  Constant monitoring of the climate, nutrients, pests, lighting and more – such a balancing act.  Time is your precious commodity.  Spectrum Technologies offers measurement tools to help you get immediate, live, valuable data to make critical decisions to maximize your plant growth and development.   Proactive and frequent measurement data allows you to drive the direction of your facility and decrease your shrink issues.

Measureable data leads to smarter decisions:

  • Nutrient Meters –maintain top quality and achieve maximum economic yield – multiple options to monitor pH, EC, Calcium, Nitrate, K, Na, chlorine and more
  • Environmental – monitor your bench level micro-climate:  temp, humidity, PAR light, DLI, DIF, degree days, VPD and dew point – gain immediate data or datalog your data – watch instant and cumulative light data over a day for sensitive crops
  • Soil and Substrate moisture meters – make smart irrigation decisions, whether inside the greenhouse or your outside nursery plants
  • Pest Management – Plant Disease stations and software programs, IPM pest management scopes to make immediate diagnosis and identification

Below is a quick list of Spectrum's Top 12 Greenhouse Products, ideal for acquiring relevant data that drives real-time decisions.

LAQUA Twin EC Meter

LAQUA Twin EC Meter

Replacement to part 2205L, the upgraded LAQUA pH meter offers better resolution, increased measurement range, and three point calibration functionality.  Read More

Fieldscout Bluetooth and GPS for TDR 150

Fieldscout Bluetooth and GPS for TDR 150

New - FieldScout Bluetooth and GPS Device connects to the FieldScout Mobile App, instantly see your data on your smart phone or tablet Read More


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