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D-54 pH/EC Meter System

Multifunction pH/EC Meter Provides Laboratory Accuracy In A Durable In-Field Model Read More

Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
N/A D-54 pH/EC Meter System 2172 $0.00
The following items are optional.
Quantity Item Name Item Number Price
Replacement pH Electrode for D and F Series Meters 2173A $200.00
Replacement Conductivity Electrode for D-54 Meter 2174 $250.00
pH Electrode Filling Solution N360647 $20.00
pH 4 Standard - 250mL 2151 $25.00
pH 7 Standard - 250mL 2152 $25.00
Conductivity Standard, 1.41 mS/cm, 250mL 2251 $24.00
Product Features

The Meter is currently discontinued, a replacement version will be available soon.

Multifunction pH/EC Meter Provides Laboratory Accuracy In A Durable In-Field Model

The manufacturer of the well-accepted Cardy Ion and Twin Meters offers the versatile, portable D-54 meter. It measures both pH and EC in water, soil, nutrient solutions and more with laboratory accuracy.

The waterproof design and the shock-and break-resistant pH electrode make it ideal for use in wet weather and severe environments. The pH electrode is covered with a durable film that protects it even if dropped.

The D-54 system includes meter, pH and conductivity electrodes, pH 4 & 7 calibration standards, 1.41 mS EC standard and one 9-volt battery.

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Range: pH: 0 - 14
Range: Conductivity: 1µS/cm to 100 mS/cm  mV — ±1999

Accuracy/Repeatability: pH: ±0.01 pH  ± 1 digit
Accuracy/Repeatability: Conductivity: ±0.5%

Auto Temp Compensation: 0° to 100°C

Calibration: pH — one to three points, automatic


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