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Monitoring Turf Health

April 29, 2014 11:35 AM



Monitoring Turf Health...

Turf health can be determined by the color, quality, and consistency of the turfgrass.  In general, the early “warning” stages can be identified when the greenness of the turf begins to decline.  It’s easy to see when your turf is no longer healthy, but oftentimes, once your eyes recognize that something is wrong, DocGreen_-_Turf_Healthit is too late, and the turf is already experiencing some type of stress that requires a significant effort to reverse or overcome.
Current rating systems, such as the guidelines established by the National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP), use a subjective rating protocol that assumes all individuals’ eyes see color in the same way.  In recent years, however, technology has advanced significantly to allow turf managers to affordably monitor the greenness of turf using objective measurements.  In this way, subtle changes in greenness that your eyes alone cannot detect can be used to monitor trends and catch stress inputs before it’s too late.
There are many causes for turf stress and the related decline in greenness, including low nutrient levels, moisture levels that are either too wet or too dry, soil compaction, and disease and insect pressure.  As turf management professionals monitor the health of their turf at a more scientific level, they will be better equipped to make decisions regarding fertilization, irrigation, aeration, and applications of pesticides.


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