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Integrated Web Solutions

September 15, 2014 08:00 AM



Integrated Web Solutions

We live in a connected society where data is everywhere.  Access to mountains of real-time information as well as statistical data on just about anything can be easily found.  Still, data in its raw form does little to help make life easier.  When data is combined with other sources and presented in a simple and intuitive fashion, however, one can begin to see value. DocGreen_Cellphone

Think about the data-driven tools you use regularly.  One example may be traffic information.  Raw data consisting of speeds of vehicles, crowd-sourced information on accidents, and data on construction do little to help the average driver.  However, when these data sources are combined and distilled into a traffic map or a real-time number of minutes from your location to your destination, the data becomes immediately and significantly more valuable.

The same holds true with data collected from various sensors and sources within your growing operation.  In raw form this data can be intimidating.  However, when data from these multiple sensors and locations is wirelessly and effortlessly pulled to a central location, the value increases.  When alert thresholds can be set or when the data can be processed through models and plotted to identify trends, the value continues to increase.  When this information resides on a web solution which can be accessed anywhere by PC or mobile phone, it becomes almost invaluable.  Management of your operation can then be done on your terms, from wherever you are at the moment.  Much in the same way a quick check of the traffic on your phone can alert you to take a different route, well integrated environmental data can alert you to take a different intervention route with your crop. 

An investment in data collection equipment is an important part of making decisions in an operation.  However, to maximize the value of that data while also maximizing your own time, an integrated web solution is an investment that is arguably equally important.


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